Toronto Residents Go Crazy Over Soap Nuts

Soap Nuts Dragons' Den Toronto


If you live in Toronto and you’re not using a natural product, your clothes probably aren’t as clean and fresh as they could be. That’s because you have to be a little crazy to use Soap Nuts…or do you?

That’s not what many residents of Toronto believe when they fill their washing machines each week and add this natural product instead of a commercially processed, additive-laden detergent to the wash. If you’re not one of those people, it’s about time you learned the truth about cleaner and fresher clothes.

From the time Greener Living Soap Nuts hit CBC’s popular series, Dragons’ Den, in Toronto, they have been a hit. After receiving a deal from now former Dragon, W. Brett Wilson, retailers and consumers alike have popularized this organic laundry detergent.

Soap Nuts (also known as Soap Berries) will get your clothes clean the way residents of India and Nepal have for hundreds of years…and they do it without causing any harm to your environment. You can’t ask for anything better than that. However, the benefits keep on coming.

What’s The Secret To Soap Nuts?  

These berries are fruit that’s grown in the Himalayas, in India and a few other Asian countries on the Sapindus Mukorossi tree. The locals collect these berries and dry and clean them before removing the seeds so you’re left with just the shells.

These shells are used to clean your clothes because they’re totally natural and that’s the way you buy them. An ingredient called saponin (soap) in the Soap Nuts is the cleaning ingredient and it works by dissolving in water and forming suds that eliminate oils, fats and other grime from your garments.

They’re low sudsing which means they can be used in any washing machine including front loaders, top loaders and the energy saving models. You don’t have to remove them during the rinse cycle because they also work as a fabric softener. You can also add a bleach or whitener to get out hardy stains because the two products won’t cause any problems for your clothes when mixed in the wash. This all makes life even easier for you.


It’s common for people to have a need for washing detergent that won’t affect allergies. With these Soap Berries, there’s no need to worry. They’re hypoallergenic and all natural. They don’t have any added fragrances or harsh chemicals that may cause irritation to sensitive skin. However, if you have a severe allergy to tree nuts, test it on your skin before using in the wash, just as a precaution.

There are no added fragrances because they’re literally picked right off the tree. They do have a natural apple cider vinegar smell but that’s eliminated during the wash so your clothes come out smelling clean and free of any odors.

Other Uses For Soap Nuts

If you think that getting your washing clean at a cheap rate while still caring for your environment is great news, you’ll love this extra news. You can use soap berries for other things. You can use a small amount in your bath instead of normal soap. Wash your body and/or hair and the results will amaze you. Your hair will be free of lice, dandruff and other issues.

In its liquid form, you can also clean lots of other things including your windows, cutlery, pans, dishes, glasses, ornaments, glasses and much more. You can also keep your car clean.

Don’t Be A Sheep!

Just because you live in Toronto, a place where you can buy loads of commercially packaged products that are full of additives and extras that may be harmful to the environment and to your family’s health, it doesn’t mean that you need to copy what everybody else does.

Be one of the many smart residents who are willing to help the environment and use products that are all natural and safe. Soap Nuts are certainly high on that list.

How Can People In Toronto Help The Environment?

There are over 8,000 restaurants in Toronto, the world’s fourth most livable city with a population of around 5.6 million people. There are approx. 35,000 hotel rooms and 21 million people who visit every year. Consider how much of an impact the city could have on the environment if even 20% of the population used these natural soap berries for their washing. If you add the restaurants and hotels, that would make a significant contribution to the environment.

When you consider that a 500 gm bag of nuts would give you roughly 150 washes, the savings would be great for residents and huge for commercial businesses such as the restaurants, hotels and other industries where clothing and other laundered items are used extensively. So if you use the product yourself and spread the word to everybody you know, you could truly affect Toronto’s contribution to a safe and healthy environment. Word of mouth is the best possible marketing tool you possess and, the best part is, it’s FREE! Use the links at the bottom of this page to share the article.

Where Can You Buy Soap Nuts?

Greener Living Soap Nuts is one of only a handful of companies with a USDA 100% certified organic laundry detergent. This certification is only granted if specific strict conditions are met.

You can buy this all-natural product from retailers all over Canada, the U.S. and other countries. In the local area there are a few retailers as listed below.

Greentree Pain Relief.
Toronto, Ontario M6E 2N7.
Phone: (416) 787-3806.

Alpaca Avenue.
1128 Martin Grove Rd.
Toronto, Ontario M9W 4W1.
Phone: (416) 248-8501.

Linda Landry.
31 Talbot Street.
Brampton, Ontario. L6X 2P4.
Phone: (647) 295-8065.

Simply Green Baby.
67 Bronte Rd Unit #4,
Oakville, Ontario L6L 3B7.
Phone: (905) 582-9687.

If you don’t live close to any of the retailers above, you can always check out our online store.

Make Money For Yourself.

There’s always room for more retailers in the area. If you agree that Soap Nuts are a fantastic product that’s environmentally-friendly, works well and is great for the budget,   consider using this product to make extra money for yourself. You can buy Soap Nuts wholesale and sell them to people at a retail price, pocketing the difference. It’s a win-win scenario because everybody loves a bargain and if it’s also healthy for the family and the environment, it ticks all the right boxes.

To take the next step, just go to this page and fill out the form. We’ll get back to you as quickly as we can.  Our site also has answers to many questions you may have about this amazing product.