Soap Nuts for Sensitive Skin

Soap nuts are tiny berries or fruits of the soap nut tree, which is commonly found in places like Nepal and India. A native plant of the tropical regions, the soap nut tree bears fruits containing one to three seeds. While the seeds are crushed and used to make detergents for washing clothes, the soap nut is also famous as a medicinal ingredient. In fact, soap nuts have had a long and successful track record for treating several skin conditions effectively. Totally natural and gentle, these soap nuts are wonderful for the skin and don’t cause any side effects.

Soap Nuts are Nature's Solution for Sensitive Skin

Soap Nuts & Eczema

Soap nuts are well known to help relieve skin of problems like eczema and psoriasis. Many a time, people try complicated and expensive treatments with little results. Soap nuts on the other hand, are inexpensive and free of chemicals. A lot of people are extremely sensitive to the mildest of skin detergents and products. With soap nuts, you do not have to worry about that.

Soap Nuts for Dry Skin

Itchy and dry skin is common with mild cases of eczema. But with increasing severity, the skin becomes totally dry, lifeless and may break or bleed. People suffering from eczema are advised to stay away from regular soaps and cleansers that might irritate the skin. Soap nuts have a gentle cleansing effect. Soap nuts contain a substance called saponins, and these saponins are the reason behind the antimicrobial action of soap nuts. While bathing, try using soap nuts instead of regular soaps and see what effect it has on your skin. Soap nuts are also odorless when washed away, which eliminates further possibility of allergies to fragrances.

Scaly Skin & Soap Nuts

If you suffer from scaly red patches on your skin, it might be a case of psoriasis. In extreme cases, the entire body might be covered with patches. But even with psoriasis, soap nuts are equally effective. The mild cleansers are safe to use for babies and adults alike. Soap nuts soothe the irritated skin cells and reduce the discomfort. Soap nuts are also good as shampoos. A few spoonfuls of soap nut liquid can be used everyday to clean the body.