Soap Nuts for Natural Allergy Relief

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Used for generations in India and Nepal, soap nuts have made their presence felt in recent years in European nations, as well as in North America. Soap nuts are extremely mild and very effective for people having reactions to chemical detergents. Some of the finest quality commercial detergents and cleansers available in the market may be harmful for people suffering from allergies such as eczema and psoriasis due to the chemicals contained in them. Soap nuts contain none of these chemicals, thus giving the potential for natural allergy relief.

People suffering from serious skin ailments such as the two mentioned above are often told to not use cleansers of any form but, ironically, they are almost unavoidable because they are necessary for basic cleanliness and hygiene. These people are also often told not to use any detergents or soaps. This is because the soaps and detergents have chemicals and dye which can aggravate and worsen the condition. Soap nuts are the most natural chemical free detergent available on the market. For this reason, Ayurvedic treatment includes soap nuts as a key ingredient for shampoos and cleansers  when an individual suffers from skin allergies like eczema and psoriasis.

When someone uses this soap nut cleanser to clean the affected area, the anti-microbial property of the soap nuts help in killing the germs that cause the disease, thus giving natural allergy relief. The absence of any kind of dye or toxins and even enzymes (which are known to cause skin irritation) in the soap nuts makes them an ideal alternative for the treatment of skin ailments. Soap nuts counter attack the disease causing germs and wipe them out. Absence of the non-allergic substances makes it suitable for children as well!

If you are suffering from skin diseases, try organic soap nuts before you switch over to prescribed medicines. Try soap nuts and gather some experience by yourself trusting that if soap nuts are unable to relieve your disease then they will at least not worsen the condition. Studies reveal that people using conventional detergents and soaps as cleansers have encountered an increase in the situation of the skin disease instead of curing it! Soap nuts contain none of the chemicals that cause the irritations.

This revolutionary non-chemical and hundred percent natural laundry detergent has steadily grown to popularity and has made its presence felt in the world. Eco friendly by nature, environmentally friendly soap nuts help in maintaining a cleaner environment and keeping you away from the harmful effects of toxic chemicals. Natural Allergy relief is within your reach!

Soap Nuts for Allergy Relief Article #2

If you are one of the people who are very prone to skin allergies, then you should consider soap nuts as a means to relieve your condition. There are many people who have very sensitive skin. A little bright sunshine can make them get sweaty and red, and a little cold can leave their skin cracked and brittle. Also, they suffer skin rashes and eruptions. Some studies have shown that these conditions can be linked to chemical-filled cleansers and detergents. If chemicals are the problem, soap nuts are the solution.  With no added chemicals, soap nuts are an organic laundry detergent & cleanser.

The soapy substance in the shell of the soap nut is called saponin. It constitutes at least 12% of the matter in any soap nut. These saponins react well with water to form a detergent. This all-natural detergent is safe to wash clothes with. While the washed clothes are free of dirt, they are also free of the harmful chemical molecules that might have stayed on them if ordinary detergents were used. With organic soap nuts, you can have clean clothes that won’t irritate your sensitive skin. Experts say that soap nuts are even safe for washing baby clothes. Naturally, soap nuts are one of the best detergents for skin condition prone people.

For skin allergies like eczema, soap nut powder can be used instead of regular body soap. It does not lather much but cleans the grime from your body while staying mild and safe for sensitive skin. The saponin essence works against harmful microbes that cause allergic reactions. Skin eruptions may be reduced with the persistent action of soap nuts.

Soap nuts are free from any added fragrances and hence, you can stop worrying about your allergies to fragrances. At the same time, soap nuts have a deodorizing effect, thus giving your clothes & your skin a fresh smell.

Soap nuts are great for cleansing your body as well as your clothes. Say yes to the hypoallergenic soap nuts and see what they can do for you.