Soap Nuts Clean Up Vancouver, BC

Soap Nuts Vancouver

If you live in Vancouver, care for your environment AND want the greenest cleanest clothes possible, you should be using Greener Living Soap Nuts. There’s no greener product available in today’s market.

However, the question that’s probably sitting on your lips right now is this – “what the heck are Soap Nuts?” That IS a great question and so, if you read on, you’ll learn what they are and how they can help in your daily life.

What are Soap Nuts?

Soap Nuts, also known as soap berries, are a native fruit of India, Nepal and a few other South Asian countries. They grow on trees in warm tropical environments and are completely natural which means they’re not hazardous to the environment or your health.

They have a small pit encased in a solid hard shell. The shell is used to create cleaning products for lots of different uses. Once the fruit is harvested and naturally dried in the sun, the berries are soaked in water to release saponins, a natural substance within the fruit. Saponins help water penetrate the fabric of clothing and ensure that it’s thoroughly cleaned.

Instead of using harmful commercial detergents, these berries can be used because they contain a natural anti-microbial property that eliminates the harmful bacteria found in dirt. They don’t have any chemicals or dyes. They’re low sudsing but are just as capable of cleaning your clothes as any commercial detergent available, without any nasty side effects such as skin irritation that can be caused by the chemical additives found in most commercial products.

Soap Nuts are perfectly safe to use in both top and front loaders. You don’t need to remove them for the rinse cycle because they also work as a fabric softener. You can throw out your commercial detergents because they do the cleaning for you. If you want to add another stain remover or whitener, however, you can safely mix the two products together.

Soap berries are natural so there are no fragrances when your clothes are clean. If you prefer a scent, you can certainly add a few of your favorite essential oil drops to the bag. They’re also hypoallergenic and many people have had their psoriasis and eczema clear up after using them over a period of time. If you have allergies to nuts, you don’t need to worry but if you have a severe allergy to tree nuts, test them on your skin before using them as a precaution.

To use the Soap Nuts, put five into a muslin bag and place it in with the clothes. If you wish to prepare a liquid, find the instructions here. You can use the berries in warm or cold water but warm water is more effective with the nuts and the liquid is better for cold washes. Soap Berries will also make your baby’s diapers clean and fresh-smelling as well as removing any build-up of detergent so they remain as absorbent as possible. .

Go Green!

Our organic laundry detergent doesn’t harm your environment. If you read normal cleaning detergent bottles, you’ll see an array of chemicals and additives. Even if it says “Eco-friendly” or “Green,” there will still be some harsh chemicals added. Greener Living Soap Nuts never see anything artificial at any stage of their preparation so they’re truly Green and safe for the environment. You’ll never see a bottle growing on a tree but you can always see fruit.

Other uses for Soap Nuts in Vancouver

You can use them for more than merely washing clothes. Put a little in your bath instead of traditional soap. Use it for washing, as a body wash, soap, shower gel or shampoo as well. Your hair can be cleaner, smoother, silkier and shinier, and you can help deter lice, dandruff and other annoying hair problems.

In liquid form it can also be used as a cleaning agent for almost anything in your home including windows, decorative ornaments, statues, glasses, cutlery, pans, dishes and so on. You can even use it when cleaning your car for that extra shine.

Spray your plants with a diluted solution to keep insects off. Soak fruit and vegetables in it for 10 minutes and then rinse to clear away any chemical or waxy residue on the skin.

USDA 100% certified.

Greener Living Soap Nuts are one of only a few companies that have a USDA 100% certified organic laundry detergent. This certification is only granted if strict conditions are met. They include:

Soap Nuts must be grown on trees that are produced naturally in the wild without the aid of human cultivation and harvested from non-agricultural land. No prohibited chemical can be added to the trees for a minimum of three years. Harvesting must be environmentally-friendly and conducive to the ongoing growth of the trees and other local plants and wildlife.

All Soap Nuts must be gathered from trees a great distance from towns and cities to minimize human contamination. Harvesting must be done away from cultivated land that may have been subjected to pesticides or fertilizers.

USDA organic certification companies will monitor the process to make sure all rules are obeyed. Harvested products are taken to a processing plant so people can remove the seeds and then place shells in the sun to dry before being shipped off.

You can find Soap Nuts in Vancouver and many other places within Canada and the United States. Our local retailer of soap nuts is as follows:

Cedar Creek Essentials
#51 8675 Walnut Grove Drive
Langley, BC    V1M 2M6
Ph:    604-882-5133
Cell:  604-312-8959

There is room for more retailers in the area. If you agree that Soap Nuts are a fantastic product that’s not only great for the environment but will also help make life easier around your home, then consider using this product to earn some extra money for yourself. You can buy Soap Nuts wholesale and then sell them to people in your local area. It’s easy to sell such a high quality, versatile product.

If this does interest you, simply go to this page and fill out the form and we’ll contact you as soon as possible. Our site also has answers to many questions that may not be covered here.