SAFIX™ Coconut Coir Fiber Scrub Pads

Safix™ Coconut Coir Fiber Scrub

SAFIX™ Coconut Coir Fiber Scrub Pad

Eco friendly green living is how you can protect your home, family and the environment. Where can you start? You came to the right place to answer that question.

Greener Living Products is pleased to announce the introduction to Canada and the United States, a new, innovative environmentally friendly product for handwashing dishes.


This scrub pad is made from 100% coconut coir fiber bound together by a non-toxic adhesive.

SAFIX™ coconut coir fiber scrub pads have the following advantages:

  • Never rust, splinter or fall apart after just a few uses.
  • Easily remove baked on, burnt and stubborn greasy deposits from all types of utensils and dishes.
  • Use less detergent.
  • No foul odor and extremely hygenic.
  • Last for months
  • Each scrub pad is biodegradable and may be composted after use.

SAFIX™ scrub pad have revolutionized cleaning. You can feel the difference when compared to other available scrub pads. Dishwashing is effortless, and with no more foul odor, ensuring total cleanliness.

The story behind this innovative product is begins with a journey to Rural India. Women there are still using loose coconut fiber to clean their dishes. This wonder fiber is a gift from nature discovered in India to be used as an inexpensive scrubber.

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Inovex Enterprises(P)Ltd in India created SAFIX™, a handy scrub pad ,using loose white coir fiber and cleverly engineered these tiny fibers together with the help of a non toxic adhesive which can withstand the most aggressive abrasive action.

The basic importance of this cleaning solution is that the product is economical as compared to all existing products, which have a limited abrasive action for a short duration for effective cleaning action. This scrub pad can be used with any choice of detergents. However other scrub pads are noticeably affected by deterioration, degradation and breakdown. Hence the whole purpose of an abrasive pad no longer solves the purpose of cleaning but merely turns into a soft cloth. Metallic Bronze Alloy, copper and steel are available but are too harsh. They scratch surfaces and can often rust when left on the counter. They also retain soap suds making the pads attract odor and prone to microbes which can escape onto the surface of the dishes.

SAFIX™ coconut coir fiber scrub pads have tremendous advantages, as they retain their abrasive action, shape, texture, do not attract foul odor. They are hygenic and still aesthetic after multiple uses. Most of all they are compostable.

Buy one today and join the movement of environmentally friendly cleanliness.