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What species of soap nuts do you sell?

We sell sapindus mukorossi soap nuts – the larger and more attractive of the soap nut species.

Are the soap nuts whole or just the shells?

Our soap nuts have been hand picked and sorted, so they come to you seedless. It is the shells that contain the necessary saponin, so the seeds are not of any worth.

How many soap nuts are in a 500g and 1kg bag?

There are approximately 175 soap nuts per 500g bag and about 350 soap nuts per 1kg bag. A 500g bag will do 150-200 loads of laundry, and a 1kg bag will do about 300-400 loads of laundry.

Do I need to remove the soap nuts for the rinse cycle?

No. The soap nuts also act as a fabric softener. There’s no need to remove them for the rinse cycle, though you can do so if you choose.

Are soap nuts safe to use in my HE or front load washer?

Yes, they are low sudsing, so they are perfect for these types of washers. Put 4 or 5 soapnuts in the mini wash bag, tie it closed, and throw it into the drum of your machine. Use this bag for 4 or 5 loads of laundry. Or you can use 3Tbsp of liquid per large load of laundry in the detergent drawer.

Are soap nuts an additive to my regular laundry detergent?

There is no need to add commercial detergent. Soap nuts do a wonderful job of washing. Others like to add powdered bleach (like Oxiclean) to help get whites really white or to combat stains.

The soap nuts are really sticky. Is there something wrong?

Soap nuts absorb moisture very easily, and will become dark and sticky if left exposed to air, or in hot and humid weather. Sticky soap nuts do not mean they have gone bad; they will still wash and clean as normal. Some people prefer stickier soap nuts because the saponins have started being released.

Will soap nuts work in cold water?

Yes, though the soap nuts are more effective in warm or hot washes. It is best to use the soap nuts liquid when doing cold water washes.

Are soap nuts good at getting rid of stains on my clothing?

Soap nuts do not have any added whiteners or enzymes to help with stains, so you will need to pretreat stubborn stains prior to washing. Use your favorite stain remover in conjunction with soap nuts laundry detergent.

Can I use soap nuts to safely and effectively wash cloth diapers?

Yes! Soap nuts are found to be the best detergent for washing cloth diapers. They effectively eliminate all lingering smells. They will ‘strip’ the cloth diapers of detergent build-up, increasing the diaper’s absorbency!

There are no bubbles during the wash cycle. What’s wrong?

There is nothing wrong! Soap nuts are a natural, low sudsing detergent. There are no added fillers, dyes or chemicals that would create bubbles in the wash. Even without tons of bubbles, the soap nuts will thoroughly wash all your articles of clothing.

Are soap nuts safe for those with nut allergies?

Absolutely! They are actually a fruit related to the lychee, so there is need to worry for those with nut allergies. However, if you are severely allergic to tree nuts, please test on your skin before using soapnuts.

Are soap nuts safe for those with sensitive skin or skin disorders?

Yes! Soap nuts are natural and hypoallergenic. They do not contain added chemicals or fragrance which often irritates people with skin sensitivities. Some people have seen their eczema and psoriasis clear up as a result of using them. Soap nuts are beneficial for both bathing and as a laundry detergent.

Do soap nuts come in different fragrances?

No. Soap nuts are natural so there are no added fragrances. Soap nuts have a distinct smell like apple cider vinegar. However, once you wash your clothes, they will be fragrance free. If you want scented laundry, add a few drops of your favorite essential oil to the cloth bag before washing. Try lavender, vanilla or citrus!