USDA Organic Soap Nuts Laundry Detergent

USDA OrganicAt Greener Living Products Ltd, our organic soap nuts are USDA certified organic.

What does this mean?

USDA organic certification is not given unless strict procedures and adherences to regulations are followed:

  1. All the organic soap nuts must be harvested from non-agricultural lands. They must be grown on trees that are produced naturally in the wild without the aid of human cultivation.
  2. There cannot have been any prohibited chemical applied to the soap nut trees for at least three years.
  3. All harvesting procedures must be environmentally friendly. They must be conducive to the continual growth of the soap nut trees, along with all the other species of wildlife and plants in the general area.
  4. All organic soap nuts must be collected from areas a substantive distance from cities and towns. This is to minimize human contamination of the growing environment.
  5. All harvesting must be done a reasonable distance from cultivated lands. This is to ensure that no fertilizers or pesticides affect the natural growth of the harvest.

The USDA organic certification companies strictly monitor the harvesting process and ensure the regulations are followed.

Once the organic soap nuts are harvested by contractors, they are brought to a processing plant where the employees break the soap nuts open and remove the seeds from the shells.

Next, the shells are dried in the sun, packaged up and shipped to North America for distribution to the USA and Canada.

We are not the only source out there for soap nuts. If you search the internet, you can find many other places to buy them. The only problem is that there are many varying qualities and grades available. At Greener Living Products, you can be assured that our organic soap nuts are and USDA certified. You can rest well with the peace of mind that you are not exposing your family to any unnecessary chemicals.