Soap Nuts Wholesale – Discounted Prices

soap nuts wholesaleIf you own a brick & mortar store, an online website, or coordinate a local co-op, we offer wholesale rates for our Greener Living Organic Soap Nuts and Safix Coconut Coir Fiber Scrub Pads. We give reasonable margins and will add your information to our soap nuts retailers page if you give us permission.

Use the form below to send an inquiry for wholesale pricing, as we would love to serve you.

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“ As a small distributor of soapnuts, I had the disappointing experience of purchasing a bulk amount off of eBay and finding the quality to be poor, with “dirty” soapnuts and a large amount of pieces. I inquired about the quality of the soapnuts sold by BuySoapNuts and was assured I would be satisfied. Happily, this proved to be true; I could see upon examining the shipment an obvious difference in the quality from those purchased from the eBay supplier. Thank you for helping me provide my customers with soapnuts of such high quality!”

Michelle Brooks

Wholesale Soap Nuts at a Reasonable Price

As you can see from the testimonial above, we aim to please you, and are willing to work hard to do it. You, like everyone, are looking to make money in business. That is why we offer great margins when you buy our soap nuts wholesale to resell them. Whether you are a small time blogger, own a brick and mortar store, or are looking to sell at farmers’ markets and trade shows, we are here to help. Use the form above to receive our current price list. After you see how good our prices are and decide what you would like to order, just send us an email, and we will set you up with your first wholesale order.