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Organic Laundry Detergent vs Chemicals


Ever hear of soap nuts? Did you that certified organic laundry detergent is possible? Maybe you are even thinking what on earth is this guy talking about? Give me a couple of moments of your time to let me excite you!

How would you like to be able to wash your clothes safe in the knowledge that you are not damaging the environment? Soap nuts, also known as soap berries, washing nuts, and many other variations, are actually a genus of approximately five to twelve species of shrubs and small trees in the Lychee family. Saponin is released by the dried fruit and is a perfect substitute for artificial laundry detergents.

Their official Latin name is Sapindus, but all we need to know is they have amazing cleaning properties whilst being biodegradable, compostable, affordable and effective! Even the USDA recognizes the amazing properties of this wonder-berry and allow us to put their stamp of approval on our products.

How on earth did mankind keep their clothes in pristine clean condition before the invention of laundry detergent in 1933? Sure there were other solutions such as soap flakes that left nasty residues in your washing machines in the western hemisphere, but over in India and Nepal they were using Soap nuts as an organic laundry detergent for hundreds of years.

Since the soapnut can clean almost anything, from dirty cloth diapers, to dishes, clothes, and even used as a liquid soap to clean ornaments, or as a household cleaner, why would they need an artificial laundry detergent? They wouldn’t, and nor do you.

Simply put, Organic laundry detergent made from soap nuts is the most suitable, cost effective, and environmentally friendly product available. Do you have a newborn baby with sensitive skin? This will stop them from crying in the middle of the night due to painful skin irritations. How does it do this? Well, it has no artificial scents, is hypoallergenic and is completely organic. It is only processed by the natural life giving properties of the sun rather than on a grey dusty factory assembly line.

Your baby will love the natural antibacterial and anti-fungal properties of this amazing cleaning solution. Isn’t this preferable to your baby or you absorbing the artificial additives of current laundry detergent and cleaning products into the body?

All in all, soap nuts are an, Greener Living Soap Nuts are an organic laundry detergent that will clean your clothes, not pollute the environment, and get your clothes smelling fresh, and not full of chemicals.

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We need to get the word out that there is an alternative to the chemicals we send down our drain every day!

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