Soap Nuts Business – How to Get Started

Getting Started in Business


People often ask us “How do I get started in the soap nuts business?” There are many ways to do this, but I would recommend the following steps:

1. Try them for yourself

You would not believe how many people tell us they want to start their own soap nuts business, but haven’t even tried them yet. This is bad business. Even if a product is great, you cannot rely on second-hand knowledge to sell it. Your customers will have many questions that cannot be answered without experience. Sell yourself on the product before you try to sell it to others.

2. Decide who you want to supply the soap nuts for you

You have two main choices here: You could import the soap nuts and create your own brand, or you can sell an already established brand. When we got started in the soap nuts business, there were not many established brands, so we imported our own. They came in clear plastic bags, and we stapled on business cards with how to use instructions. Over time we were able to change our packaging and establish our brand, but it took a great deal of money, work and time. Today, it is much easier to get started in business with buying somebody else’s already established brand. If you want to become a re-seller of our Greener Living Soap Nuts, you should take a look at our wholesale page and fill in the form to receive more information. We offer over 40% margins for our wholesale customers, which is some great profit if you are just getting started.

3. Decide how you are going to sell them

Farmers’ Markets & Trade Fairs

We cut our teeth selling soap nuts in the farmers’ market. Many of our most successful re-sellers have also used farmers’ markets and trade fairs. This is the perfect venue for selling because it allows you to give demonstrations of how the soap nuts work, and allow customers to see, feel and smell them.

Brick & Mortar Store

If you have the benefit of an established retail location it is a huge plus for selling. Your client base and walk-ins will see your display and ask you about them. This is where your first hand knowledge will sell them for you.

Online & Social Media

This is, by far, the best and most profitable method of selling. It does take time to establish, though, especially if you want to receive the organic rankings from search engines. Social media marketing can often return faster results, as it gives instant exposure to all your friends, and allows them to share with their friends.

No matter how you choose to start your business of selling soap nuts, it has the potential to be  a very rewarding endeavor. Like every business, there will be a lot of work involved. Persistence and consistency are  what will will propel you forward and establish your success!


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