Soap Nuts in Canada

Soap Nuts Canada


To the best of my knowledge, soap nuts are a relatively new commodity in Canada. When we began importing them back in 2007, there was only one other Canadian company that had their own brand. Other than that, residents needed to look to US companies. Shortly after we began, the other company stopped importing and reselling them.

Soap nuts were not an instant success in Canada. It took time and effort to build sales, and we were getting much more US sales than Canadian. That all changed in January of 2011, when the episode of Dragons’ Den aired that we pitched our business and scored a deal with Brett Wilson.

From there, our sales soared, and our numbers in Canada began to exceed those of the US. the night that the episode aired and 2 million plus viewers saw our products, so much traffic went to our site that it crashed a few times.

Like any good company and product that becomes well-known, many other companies began to import and sell the same product. In our minds the competition was a good thing, and helped many other people to learn of the natural detergent and purchase it, supporting workers in less fortunate countries.

Since then, sales have slowed down, but are still steady. We notice a boost every time our episode of Dragons’ den airs, but nothing like the initial air date.

We know that soap nuts are a great product, and would love to continue to import them and distribute them across Canada. In order to do that, we need your help. Please purchase some for yourself or a friend in order that we can keep this great organic laundry detergent coming to Canada.

You can help save the world, one load of laundry at a time!


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